The Start of a New Decade

Posted on: February 1, 2020

I haven’t written a blog in a good while and since my new year
resolution was to write them more regularly, January seems an appropriate month
to start.

Recently I
have been getting very cold, wet and muddy, training and racing off-road.

Racing in several rounds of the South West cyclocross league including the regional championships. I love cyclocross as it’s an awesome combination of brutal, lung busting efforts and technical bike handling. This season I have moved up into the junior age group meaning I race for 1 hour alongside the men. As difficult as it is, I’ve had great fun so far and can see huge improvements on last year, getting finish positions ranging from 5th to 3rd. I have also managed to fit in some cross-country running recently, competing for school and club, where I have managed consistent results, which I’m pleased with considering the class of pure runners I’m competing against as a triathlete.

My run training recently has revolved mainly around cross-country and long-distance preparation for some faster 10k times this year. I still enjoy finding new routes and trails around Ham Hill for long runs. But I’m still running at the track twice a week to try and work on my speed to support all the endurance work. My cycling training recently has taken place aboard my cyclocross bike on multi terrains, or my mud guard equipped road bike for long Sunday rides. I have also tried to fit in some turbo sessions to work on high intensity efforts and speed.

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Recently I have had to move swim clubs to fit around sixth form timings,
which has allowed me to increase my swim training volume which should hopefully
help in giving me some early advantages when it comes to the triathlon season.
My next step in preparing for the triathlon season is to do some regular brick
sessions to get my body used to transitioning from one sport to the other.

This year I
want to challenge myself to race in some longer distance events, as they play
more to my strengths compared to the fast and ferocious junior races. Also, on
the topic of endurance I hope to complete some mega rides during my school
breaks, including some multi day bike-packing.

I also
fancy targeting several road 10ks this year and possibly race in a few category
4 road/circuit races on the bike. However, the thing I am most excited about is
when the weather improves, and the races kick off so I can get out on my Canyon
Aeroad which was new to my fleet of bikes at the end of last year.

for reading, I wish you all the best of luck in your 2020 seasons of sport and
I will be keeping up to date through Blogs like these and on social media.


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